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mini life update

Well it's official! The tides of change have arrived again just in time to welcome me to summer. As of May 23rd I will be saying goodbye to Colorado and hello again to good ol' Springfield Missouri. Bittersweet is an understatement.

I'll miss the mountains. I'll miss how hot the sunshine feels on your face even during winter. I'll miss our favorite coffee + pizza joints. I'll miss the breathtaking views on the drive home. And most of all, I'll miss the family I built here.

Jake and I are moving back to SGF for a year before he goes into grad school. Why Missouri? I ask myself the same thing everyday. But it always comes down to the same thing - community. Colorado has been great because I literally got to live like a semi-hermit for a whole year! No obligatory lunch/coffee dates (*barf*). No expectations. Nobody knowing anything about you. It's a beautiful thing. For a season.... but then it's just lonely. You miss having people asking, "hey, where were you?" and "let's meet up for a sonic run at 3" and "is your hair supposed to look like that?" :]

After attending college in Missouri for 3 years, I met a couple of the coolest people EVER there who I miss dreadfully and desperately need more time with. So Springfield, I'm comin for ya! Even though I really don't love the midwest, springfield is blogger-central of the world, and for the first summer ever I won't live 25 min from a beach... it'll do :]

If any of my lovely readers are in the Springfield area, let's meet!!

xo ronnie

minimal | when less is more


Come Spring, I start to crave the closet + household purge. I want things to feel clean, light, and airy. This can be sooo hard to obtain when I am attached to so many of my belongings. This year I am really going to push myself to rid my life of a bit more than I probably should. I desire to begin filling my life with less quantity and more quality. Free myself of clutter, and only hold onto a few statement pieces! I'm going back to the basics!

The minimalist lifestyle really inspires me and draws me in! Here are a few of the pieces that have been speaking to me lately. Once I let go of the old, I'm hoping I'll be able to purchase a couple new things (such as these below) that align more with my lifestyle vision :]

the indigo series // considerthewldflwrs

the cocoon collection // considerthewldflwrs

Considerthewldflwrs is a breathtaking jewelry shop! "Each design and collection is uniquely inspired often by travel, natural imperfections + a thirst for discover". I love how they capture simplicity and grace within extremely creative pieces. With 25% of each sale going to a good cause, you should definitely check out their site and stay a while!

The Royal Jumper // Hackwith Design House

Bokeh Top // Hackwith Design House

Be still my heart. I'd be fine with a closet of ten pieces, if they looked just like these. Lisa Hackwith of Hackwith Design House has a goal of creating the highlights of your closet! And she does just that! With only 25 of each product, HDH clothing total embraces rareness and uniqueness - but they sell out fast!

Set of 3 Ombre, Gradient, Faceted Vessels // The Object Enthusiast

Speckled Porcelain Ring Dish with Golden Rim // The Object Enthusiast

These would make perfect little pieces for my dream home! I'd put succulents in the vessels and my go-to jewelry in the ring dish. Emily Reinhardt, the owner of The Object Enthusiast, aspires to "create heirlooms for the modern traditionalist". I guess that makes me a modern traditionalist because her creations are right up my alley. Visit her etsy shop! You won't be disappointed!

How do you view belongings in relation to your lifestyle?

Happy friday friends!
xo ronnie

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