Lately I have been struggling with the desire to travel. Being cooped up in a dorm room gets pretty old when there are things like Aurora Borealis and kangaroos to be seen! My wanderlust wouldn't be such a struggle if I wasn't in the middle of getting a degree. And at times I can't help but feel that since I am not out in the world, my current season of life is insignificant. But while reading the book Anonymous by Alicia Britt Nicole, I came across this quote:

"Abundance may make us feel more productive, but perhaps emptiness has greater power to strengthen our souls."

Although getting a college degree is not exactly unproductive, it can definitely leave one feeling weary and worn out at the end of the day. There are moments when it truly leaves me empty. But when I came across that quote I was strengthened.

In America, when we sit down at a fancy restaurant there are usually a few courses leading up to the entree - Salad, bread, appetizer. However... in China, though there are many many courses, the first course is just as satisfying and spectacular in itself as the last course. That is how I've learned to view life. My years of youth are not simply an appetizer to the years ahead of me when I have a real job and family. Where I am at now is just as significant and impactful as where I will be in 10 years. 

We all walk through seasons of life that leave us feeling empty and unimportant. But remember that it is those challenging seasons that shape us for the seasons to come. 

Carry on bravely.
- sharon


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