my very first blogger event!


I recently received an invite to my very first blogger event at See's Candy shop that recently opened in Battlefield Mall, Springfield MO. Not knowing what to expect, I made sure to google "what to bring to a blogger event" and brought along my friend and fellow blogger, Emileigh from Flashback Summer. To prepare, I simply made some business cards and hoped for the best!!

They have some unbelievable flavors!!!

This was such a fun, uplifting experience. Not only is See's Candy aaammmmaaaazzzingggg.... but their store is adorable, the employees were all so warm, friendly, and kind, and they are so generous! They give out 1 million pounds of samples each year! Holy cannoli. That's a lot of candy. I think several of those pounds are in those gift bags we are carrying! I am just so grateful and thrilled with my first blogger event. I met some wonderful ladies, ate a lot of chocolate, and just enjoyed the experience. 

Sooo... if you are in the area and want some delicious gourmet chocolate...hit me up. I'm loaded. 

Thank you See's Candies!! Once I'm out of my huge stash, I'll be back! Or perhaps I'll just send my boyfriend ;]

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."
- sharon


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