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I crave being surrounded by things that inspire me. I'm currently cramped in a dorm room at college, but in only a matter of months I'm hoping to have a nice little apartment to call home. To prepare, I've allowed myself to daydream via pinterest and get inspired by workplaces that are meant to inspire. Here are my finds! 

Looks like the main things that appeal to me are windows, white furniture, and pops of color in the art and decor. Love the simplicity too. Gives room to think!!

the end!
- sharon


  1. Great selection Sharon. I think a pin board makes the place all more interesting and ever-changing.


  2. I love getting inspired by other people's work spaces :) I love the oversized cork board with the pictures everywhere. So amazing :)

  3. Lovely pictures and so inspiring! I am too crammed in a tiny apartment sharing with 5 others and yes! I get you when you want to get an apartment of your own. I can't wait to design my own quarters in the future too. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. i love looking at other people's workspaces! i remember seeing a photo of the painter Gustav Moreau's studio - it was this CRAZY vivid orange color that would make me want to paint, too. mentally noted the color, will be painting my office space in my new apt in hopes of inspiring some arty funness, too :)


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