i. got. a. hedgie.

Meet Pumba. AKA Poops, pu-pu, or poo. I bought him several weeks ago because I've been wanting a pet for a really long time! I never thought I'd have a pet that stabs me with his spikes, but hey... we all have our spikey sides.

So heres the Hedgie Tale:

This summer, my boyfriend and I are long distance, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get another man in my life. Pumba. I'm not sure if it's necessarily a healthy thing to fill voids in your life with animals. In fact...it's not. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of animal hoarders on TV shows. But that didn't stop me, did it? ;] So... in order to get Pumba... I contacted a breeder. Or two. Or five. I was placed on several waiting lists until FINALLY I got a call about this little fella. But the owner said it was either "now or never". Problem #1: no pets allowed in the dorms. So what did I do?...I met this Amish Hedgehog Breeder in the Bass Pro Parking Lot and a hedgie deal went down. Before I knew it, I had this spikey ball of fury sitting in my lap on the way back to school. I smuggled him into my room and encountered Problem #2: I live with 30 chatty females and now had a huge secret. I was just waiting for the day that I would get called into a meeting asking me if I was hiding a rodent in my room. Thankfully, even though most everyone found out, that day never came. Time to pack up my things and head home. Problem #3: I have a 24 car ride back home to NH with my mother and a hedgehog. Let's just say we ALL bonded. From sneaking him into the hotel rooms to making late night walmart runs to get him some fruit... twas a grand ol time. We made it home safely, and I made him a nice home in my big sisters old bedroom (sorry beth) ... & the adventures have just begun! He's definitely not filling the boyfriend void though. Let's just say I'm glad that my boyfriend isn't nocturnal, doesn't stab me with spikes when he gets mad, and cleans up his own..."mess". But for now, pumba will have to do.

Over & out!
- sharon & pupu

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  1. Okay, so I may be totally smitten with your cute little spiky nugget. I randomly stumbled across your darling blog (lucky me!) and couldn't stop reading. You have a new fan (and follower!).

  2. Ahhhh I'm beyond jealous! Random story: I work in a dress boutique and a few months back a girl came into our store with her new baby hedgehog hidden in her purse. Cutest thing ever. This past week she came back with her hedgehog to show us how much he had grown. I've been dying to get one ever since! Hope you have fun with your adorable little spike ball :)

  3. He's so adorable! I know how it feels to want a pet but not allowed to. Wish I could sneak in one like you! :)

  4. So cute!!! I love that you had to sneak him in places--I used to sneak my pet ducklings into my dorm room in college :) I'm amazed that I never got caught

  5. This is so fun! I've never known anyone with a hedgehog!
    Sounds like an amazing adventure.
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  6. Ahh, he is so CUTE!! I would love to have a pet hedgehog!! Sounds like you are taking care of a puppy :) I love that he eats fruits!



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