real summer goals


The way I see it, the only summer plans that anyone should be making are plans to not have plans. Summer is such a special time to let your hair down, be spontaneous, and do whatever the heck you want!! So I put together a list of real summer goals. Not just another typical to-do list of things that tie you down. I have enough of those year-round! I'm all about living freely. So here we go...

1 //  pull over on a country road, blast the tunes, dance
(elizabethtown inspired)

2 //  run into the ocean (or a lake) with your clothes on

3 // learn a stranger's story

4 // bike ride to get ice cream cones

5 // cook a kick-ass meal and eat it outside

6 // climb a mountain and yell at the top

7 // star gaze on a roof

8 // sit at an outdoor cafe with a cold drink and a good book

9 // close your eyes & feel the cool summer rain on your face

10 // bridge jump into the water

Now those are some goals that I'd enjoy completing. I also plan on documenting each and every one to prove it at the end of the summer!!

- ronnie


  1. Sounds really fun! I'll join you and make a couple of my own too! :)

  2. These are some great summer dreams. #inspired

  3. These are awesome! I thought the same thing, especially after an RA year. I've also decided no plans are the best plans. I'm free as the wind blows! I hope you're having a rejuvenating summer too. :)


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