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Time for summer! Today I'm kicking off my new series dedicated to summer living. It seems like there are so many things that us females have to prep for once the warm weather starts to hit. Beach body, pedicures, summer skin, flattering swimsuits (that don't break the bank), shaving consistently LOL!! etc etc. So I'm going to be offering some simple tips to help out. For starters, hair growth.

Sooo many girls always want that long, beachy wavy hair for the summer. It's taken me a while to get mine where it's at... so I wanted to share a few things that I've used that have really made a difference. But ultimately, all of these things are great for any length and type of hair. Let's get started. 


Most people grow about 6 inches of hair per year! However, if you aren't getting enough could result in slower hair growth. But if you are getting plenty of amino acids and vitamins that your hair needs, it can grow twice as fast!

Eating these nutritious foods will definitely give your hair growth a boost.

- Legumes // beans, nuts, and peas contain iron & zinc

- Veggies // dark green veggies are rich in iron & vitamins

- Eggs // great source of biotin & vitamin b-12

- also Salmon // high in protein and healthy omega-3 fats

Apply these natural masks to your hair for quicker results!

- Egg Whites // the best natural tonic for damaged hair! Simply crack one egg open, strain the yolk, and put the egg white mask on your hair for 10 minutes. It'll look healthier & grow faster!

- Coconut Milk // Helps hair grow long & thick. Rub on scalp and leave in for an hour.

- Olive Oil // Helps reduce frizziness & damaged hair and the proteins and nutrients stimulate growth. Leave in for atleast half an hour. 

Most of these items you probably have laying around your house. 
So get to it! :] 
- ronnie

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  1. I was excited to see a post about growing long hair (mine is taking FOREVER) but then you said veggies and it sort of ruined it for me... Also, I don't know what legumes are.
    Seriously, though, coconut milk and coconut oil are the absolute best! I used to leave coconut oil in my hair for an hour (rather than milk) and it always made my hair so soft! + virgin coconut oil smells amazing! Love your tips, girly! :)

  2. Found your blog via your Telling Oceans post (which i loved, btw!). Can't wait to follow along!


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