thanksgiving centerpieces


Deerly Cozy
Deer Ornaments
Fake Flowers
Gold Spray Paint
Earthy candle

I broke off their antlers (sorry!), spray painted them gold, 
and then replaced the antlers with delicate flowers.

Bottles of Harvest
Glass vases
Tea candles

Literally gathered all this stuff outside like a little chipmunk or something. 
Bought vases at thrift store. Already had candles and feathers.

There is nothing like an inviting thanksgiving table.
If there is one thing I'll always remember from growing up as a lil tom boy, it's the thanksgiving coziness that my mom always created. Candles, place settings, smelly good things, and of course the thanksgiving table centerpiece. I can only aspire to create an atmosphere like she did!

I put these two ideas together with practicality and affordability in mind.
All of the food prep, cleaning, and deciding who should sit next to who at the table is enough to worry about! Can I get an amen?

I'm planning on using one for the dinner table & one for the appetizer table.

Which do you like best?



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