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In honor of Valentine's Day (which is this week... holy cannoli... time flies) 
I wanted to figure out a creative way to 
showcase one of my favorite things in the world! FLOWERS. 
hint hint jake ;]

Here's the result!

I thrifted the old manly canteen for $3 & purchased the fabric and trim at joanns.

In the future I'd be a bit more cautious when using leather trim because it was a pain in the butt to work with... but I'm definitely pleased with yet another sweet thing to cozy up the naked walls in my home!

Now with V-Day right around the corner, have any plans? Hot date? Sexy outfit?
Please... allow me to live vicariously through you.
Because at the hectic rate my life is going I think it might end up being a decision between take-out chinese out of the cartons and a movie or take-out pizza out of the box and a movie. 

decisions, decisions....

xo ronnie


  1. I love this! Every time I go thrift store shopping now, I'll be looking for a canteen.
    I hope I find one soon so I can try this out.
    Thank you for sharing.

    xo sarah

  2. That's so cool! Those flowers are so gorgeous, too.

    <3 Kate -


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