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 I believe that 'a well-read woman is a dangerous creature'

As an introverted adventurer, reading is an essential part of my life. I often read up to five books at once because all of the possibilities on the hundreds of unread pages draw me in and I can't stop. So I am inviting you into my introvert bubble (be honored) and sharing with you my reading journeys. 

The Forgetting Tree by Tatjana Soli

One of my most recent reads. Let me start off by saying, if you like books that are predictable, heart-warming, artificially modest, or perfectly charming... this book is not for you. You probably shouldn't venture into these pages if you are not prepared to share in a journey of a raw life filled with wordless moments. But that is the very thing that gripped me about this story. Tatjana Soli wrote a book filled with words that perfectly captures moments in which words don't do justice.

This is a story of a woman named Claire, who married into a sunny farm in Southern California and enters into a life of true loss and unfathomable pain yet finds comfort and companionship in the soil and fruit of her farm and in the most unusual people she encounters. The pages tell a story that is uncomfortable, dark, and at times twisty... but I think they tell a story of life. 

This book made me crave sweet oranges,

cry as I walked in the shoes of one who never seemed to get a break from life's curve-balls,

miss my childhood of tree forts and mud pies,

long to build a life on a farm that truly gives back what you put into it,

desire to make the most of a life that goes by so quickly,

and recognize the beauty and power that lies in each every person, no matter how broken.

That being said, give it a shot... let me know what you think :]

xo ronnie


  1. I wish I had the desire to read like you do! I love what you said " I believe that a well-read woman is a dangerous creature."

    Beautifully written, Sharon!

    1. Courtney! Thanks for the sweet words. It took me a while to find my reading niche. A lot of books honestly bore me. But I'm sure once you find a book that you can't put down... you'll be on the hunt for others!



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