wanderings | car camping p.2


Looking back on these shots, I realize I was so busy taking pictures that I forgot to have S'MORES!!! I mean come on. That's a big deal. It is so easy to live a life of full of doing and forget to take time for being. Just being. No planning or creating or seeking or striving. But in a world that is so obsessed with productivity and output, how does someone just be? When there are so many things to get done? Never-ending to do lists and my personal favorite, "yeah...never going to get to this" list.

What do you do when you get so caught up in making sure you're being productive ...that you realize you aren't taking time to just live? What do you do to just be?

xo ronnie


  1. love your pictures! did you use the ABM actions to edit these? Also where'd you buy your template? it's awesome!

  2. Love these shots so much (especially the one of the marshmallow). You make me want to go camping/adventuring like no other!



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