my cup of tea


I recently decided that I could use a good cup of tea. Some friends and I took off one Saturday afternoon to Bolivar, MO to go to the Tea Garden Cafe. It was a fun adventure and a great weekend excursion away from my hectic college schedule! I also got to try out my new camera for the first time.

Afternoon tea at its finest

Their coffee was served in a cup and saucer too! Love it.

The little details at the cafe gave it so much character. Big old windows, vintage wallpaper, and giant mirrors made for some fun photos. I need to remember to always make time in my schedule for simple adventures like this one. Refreshing and delicious! Where to next?

- sharon


  1. This looks like SO much fun!!! And beautiful pictures!

  2. Thanks friend :] If you haven't been there... you need to go! It's great.


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