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A project I've been working on this week is creating a few design boards for a display case. I learned a few things from this experience. 1. Productive creativity seriously rocks. 2. I could never be an interior designer. There are wayyy too many details and my mind would get tangled 3. Really awesome things can come out of chaos if you hang in there!

Mhmmm....there's that chaos. But hey, you gotta start somewhere!

I loved finding little accent pieces like this to complete each look!

When the chaos gets to your head,  drink this coffee with this creamer in your favorite mug for an extra boost!

Did I mention drink this coffee? Holy cannoli. Trust me. It's so good that it IS sinful.

and VOILA! Design Option #1

Design Option #2

Design Option #3

My team and I ended up choosing #3! The combination of inviting colors and textures with the interesting patterns and rustic accents make this warm & trendy design the perfect fit for our Display Case. I'll be sure to post pictures of that when it is finished. But that, my friends, is many cups of coffee away.
Color outside the lines ~sharon

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