& to all a goodnight


I guess now would be the time to reflect upon how my Christmas was and all of the special memories that were created, but I am sitting here "watching" a 1960s Japanese film on giant birds attacking a city so I'm having trouble getting serious. For some reason my parents are still into these old "horror" films and my sisters and I are still into mocking them. So my sentimental post will have to be saved for another time. 

But for now, let's all just take a moment to recognize the quirks that our families have and appreciate them! Crazy traditions, embarrassing parents, and all. It's what makes your family, your family. I mean, who really wants to have an artificial "Pinterest Christmas"? Of course I'd enjoy the recipes and crafts...but other than that...it'd be boring. Don't compare your family to other families. Just take the good, recognize the authenticity in the bad, and have a good rest of the night :]

And you could share some of your own crazy family stories if ya want... :]

- sharon


  1. haha too many family stories to share! happy holidays love!
    xo jenny
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  2. Hope you had a great Christmas! Mine was filled with lots of food & family!

    <3 Melissa


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