i dream of a sequined new years


With New Years celebrations right around the corner, I'm sure that I am not alone in the hunt for "the dress". Hopefully you have been more successful than I have. Good taste is a bittersweet thing. And having to accept the fact that practically all of XXI's dresses that do cover the budget, hardly cover the cheeks is just plain bitter. 

So I'm left dreaming!! But it's been fun. I came across this rockin' website... Chloe Loves Charlie ... and found enough inspiration and sparkly goodness to fill a whole collage. Definitely check out the site.

i dream of a sequined new years

Even though none of these wonderful things are in my budget this year, I'm sure I'll find some sparkle in my closet and rock it.

So whether you'll be pulling together something new out of the old like me or if you'll actually get to embrace that feeling of ripping the tag off of something new and slipping it on for new years.... I hope that when the ball drops, you'll be glistening under it!

Shine on.
- sharon


  1. gorgeous post! merry christmas!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  2. I always love something sparkly for the holiday! <3 The second to last dress has completely won me over!

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