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It's 2013! I celebrated by taking a trip back to my home, Long Island NY. My current season of life has carried me to a college in Missouri and a family move to NH, so getting to head back to NY for some real pizza, old friends, and fantastic diners was the perfect way to bring in a new year. Above are just a couple of the moments I caught on instagram!

One of my major goals for this new year is to continue to develop my blog. I just started only a couple months ago and have fallen in love with it! It's so fun and I've already learned so much. So with my blog this year my main goals are to ...

1. Simply stick with it! - as a full time student, posting on my blog could easily fall through the cracks since it (unfortunately) has to come second to my school work. 

2. Gain followers - I'd like to hope for 300 bloglovin followers! And if I reach that, then I will set a new goal, even higher. 

I have a bunch of other goals I've set but I think my Simply Lovely goals are the most important to me! 

I'd love some help reaching my goals!

follow me on bloglovin! 

& does anyone have any tips or advice for a new blogger that I should carry with me into the new year?? thanks!! 

Happy New Year!!


I'd love to hear from you :] Questions, thoughts, rants... I love it all.

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