lovely people: cara


Cara, 20, Long Island NY

Relentlessly vibrant, 
Lover of mcdonald's breakfast and brittany murphy
and just plain bad-ass.

Go Do by Jónsi on Grooveshark

"You never see the hard days in a photo album, 
but those are the ones that get you 
from one happy snapshot to the next"

This girl and I have been friends since kindergarten. She's the type of friend that you could be apart from for 2 years and when you get back together, it's like nothing changed. Throughout high school, we were definitely partners in crime. We would stay out all night exploring, getting fried wontons and hot bagels, putting fake tattoos all over our bodies, and vandalizing our friends' houses. We also annoyed every person in our grade because we were always...well... obnoxious. Cara walked with me through some of the darkest seasons of my life and always knew how to cheer me up....with food, laughter, awkward home videos, and pranks :]

Cara is the funniest and most loyal person I know. She has such an individual style and is never afraid to speak her mind. She teaches me to let go and not care what other people think. We all need someone like that in our lives. Though I wish we lived closer... I know that we will truly never be apart!!

*Cue the violins* ;]

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  1. so cool PHOTOS!


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