lovely people: rebeca


Rebeca. 20. Florida.

lover of spontaneity. movie fanatic. creator of all things pretty.
oh & eater of raw pasta. just thought i'd put that out there for kicks.

Fader by The Temper Trap on Grooveshark

"I wear whatever I want. One day I'll dress like a hipster. The next like I'm from the 70s."



and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails

As you can probably tell from these pictures of rebeca, she rocks. She is stunning, fun, and life is just brighter when she's around. She comes equipped with a passionate heart for serving others and longs to use her creativity to bring light into the world... which she will.

Rebeca teaches me to be joyful, to be ok with laughing at things that might not be funny to anyone else & to embrace my individuality...despite what anyone thinks. 

In Rebeca's wise words... 


- sharon


  1. Rebeca is so beautiful...absolutelly gorgeous and amazing style! ♥

  2. I 100% agree! It's easy to take photos of someone who is so beautiful and photogenic :]
    Thanks for the visit!

  3. So wonderful!!! Amazing photos, and I think they capture the essence of who is surely a fun, amazing, confident woman!
    (AndI have also stared into that firehouse garage door on Commercial Street, and one time there was a wedding in there, and someone was looking back at me, and it was awkward. Just thought I'd share that.)


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