a day full of love


woot woot. today was cool. Love all around! I'm currently the Resident Assistant of a floor at my college, and all of my girls spoiled me with valentine love notes, flowers, chocolate, and other wonderful odds and ends that I will treasure forever! (Except for the chocolate. That'll only be treasured till the end of the night).

It's crazy how little acts of kindness can fill up a heart so quickly. Reminds me to make sure I am blessing others in little ways as well. My day is coming to a close at a local coffee shop accompanied by my "crush" of 2 years. & even though my coffee went cold far too quickly, I'm still rather jolly.

Here is the little number I pulled together today. I tend to stick to neutrals so I was proud of myself for the pops of color here!

Tell me about your valentine's day! The good, the bad, the ugly.

- sharon


  1. This outfit is absolutely adorable! I'm loving those tights and shoes!

  2. you are adorable and I love the vibe of your blog! best wishes - will be following your exploits for sure! xoxo chelsea at http://nowismagic.blogspot.com

  3. Your outfit is super cute! I wish I were brave like that to mix up patterns......... baby steps right? ;) I heart your tights!! Hope all is well and you are enjoying your weekend!


  4. Cute look hun!

    xo Jennifer



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