101 dalmatians


I recently came across a skirt with dalmatians on it!!!!!  I've been trying to add more colorful and interesting items to my wardrobe since I tend to stick to more neutrals, and I figured it doesn't get much more interesting than this! 

top: aerie // skirt: target // necklace & bracelet: XXI // boots: XXI

Ok. Let me tell you. It was WiiinnNNDddY. I gave many people an unexpected show that day. That's what I get for trying to be brave and expand my wardrobe!! So if it looks like I'm trying to hold my skirt down in these pictures, it's because I am. From the unwanted revealing of my private areas, to my flyaway baby hairs, and my legs that are begging for a tan. Ohhh man life is good isn't it... it keeps you humble.. that's for sure. LOL

All good, all the time.
- sharon


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    1. Thanks girl!!! Target always has good stuff!

  2. That skirt is adorable! And I've accidentally given a show with a skirt on a windy Miami day. Just have to laugh it off lol

    1. Thank you Krissy! Hahah i totally agree. And chances are...you'll never see them again!!! ... hopefully!

      Thanks for the visit :]

  3. CUTE outfit! I love the necklace under the collar look, too! I've been trying to experiment with patterns as well - its so fun to branch out xoxo chelsea at http://nowismagic.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Chelsea. It really is fun to branch out. Especially during Spring when you feel like bustin out of the neutrals and weaing something a little bit brighter :]


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