lovely people: hallie


hallie // 22 // indiana

EU Fashion Fever PR

genuinely thoughtful, pleasantly awkward, 9 year champion basket weaver

"3 things I keep on me at all times...
USB // Deer Antler // School ID so I can eat"

fashion fever creations:

What I love about Fashion Fever --> Every day is a surprise.  
God puts new people, conversations, skills, opportunities in my hands every moment.  
Fashion Fever is the perfect outlet to show the gifts God has given me and use them practically.

"if a piece of clothing isn't under $10, 
I won't buy it! (except jeans of course)"

random fact
"I have an infatuation with dinosaurs"

"People will forget what you said, 
people will forget what you did, 
but people will never forget 
how you made them feel." 
--Maya Angelou

As if you can't tell from these pictures, Hallie is so fun to be around. This photoshoot was actually our first time really meeting, but I left feeling so comfortable and like I found a new and wonderful friend. Hallie's easy-going yet passionate at the same time and the kindness she has for others is so incredibly special and unique. She teaches me to not just be ok with who I am, but to own it and love it. Hallie is the definition of authentic. And 100% lovely. 

remember to be YOU.
- sharon


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