bad news


Hello friends. I have bad news. My camera broke. It's a bit of a crisis for a blogger. And especially a college blogger who has no job and not a lot of money. 

I'm trusting that it will all work out. But it's just so hard when it really feels like a dead end. Especially during such a crazy season of my life. Major bummer. But despite the crazy twists and turns of life, I know that there is a God who truly loves me and has amazing plans for me. 
And I know that in my moments of wandering, anger, or weakness... He searches for me, gives my peace, and gives me strength. I believe that He allows us to walk through trials so that we might run to Him in our moments of need. 

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraged me lately. It gives me hope that I'l be able to get creative until I can purchase a new camera, hopefully sooner than later! Let me know if you have any tips on cameras, iphone apps, or anything that could help me out! I'd be so thankful :]

keep your chin up with me.
- sharon


  1. Oh no!!! Let me know if you really need to borrow a camera or something. This IS kind of a crisis, and I wouldn't mind at all!

  2. that IS bad news! but i'm confident you will find other creative avenues for now :) love that verse, God is SO there for us!

    grace & love,

  3. That's a real bummer about your camera! I hope it gets replaced soon tho :D Lovely blog, as well.


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