dip dye beach sheet & thoughts lately


summer craft! simply follow the instructions on the back of the dye package & dip a portion of your sheet into it. Then sprinkle another color dye powder onto the sheet while it is wet to make a fun tie-dye pattern. 

On a different note...

I've been thinking a lot about meaning. What gives life meaning? your income...number of followers... your degree... your relationships... your looks ... your talents. Crazy how we often get so consumed in our culture that we start defining our success by perishable things. Things that come with no promise or guarantee. Even though I don't have many followers to begin with, when I notice that the number has gone down one or two, I totally sink into failure mode. As if the fact that someone chose to not follow my blog makes me less valuable or meaningful. To be honest, I started a blog because I thought it would be a great outlet for me to grow in creativity, meet new friends, and perhaps use as a professional tool for the distant future. But now it seems as though it's just become another ruthless game of comparisons and fake filters that has sucked me in. A myspace upgrade. Another tool for people to use to portray themselves however they want to be perceived. Well... #nofilter ... I don't want to play anymore. I'm tired of going onto so many girls blogs and leaving feeling like I need to change xy&z about my blog and myself. I free myself from the stereotypical blog status quo of artificial perfection and officially allow myself to be imperfect and blog about whatever I want. I mean what meaning does freely ronnie hold if I don't really feel free? Blogging does not give me meaning. I give my blog meaning. Time to quit it with the fake and get down to the real. 

- ronnie


  1. I love how the sheet turned out! great job! have always love your blog Sharon :)

  2. Great post. You are doing a wonderful job :)

  3. Great post. You are doing a great job :)

  4. 1. these sheets are brilliant and I WILL be making for my new place
    2. I've been feeling A LOT of the same things concerning my little blog lately, too. So much so that I've even stopped reading my bloglovin' and feedly feeds because I just get too wrapped up in comparing my efforts to others'. Amen for starting fresh and with a renewed commitment to why you're doing this - there are excellent reasons and you ma'am have an excellent blog! Much love from LA!

  5. THIS POST. First, I do love the sheet.
    More importantly, though... I'm glad someone else gets it. I constantly get into these ruts with my blog because I look around and see how fake and ridiculous everyone acts. People are so caught up in the theatrics of blogging. We have to have lots of followers. We have to post an ample amount of DIYs, outfit posts, and favorite things posts or else we can't ever become popular. Don't have a fancy camera for perfect pictures? Well, sucks to suck. The worst part is that so many bloggers seem completely oblivious to how phony their fellow bloggers are. If I knew most of these fakes in real life, I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole, but here we're expected to all love each other even though no one is real with each other whatsoever. Ugh. /rant.

    Anyway, I adore your blog and I hope you'll keep blogging. From what I've seen, you seem like such a sweetheart and this just shows me that you're a heck of a lot more realistic than so many of the bloggers that pop up in my feed nowadays. Blog world needs more people like you, pretty lady!

  6. This is AMAZING!! I can not wait to try, Oh and I also nominated you for The Liebster award, check out my post about it here: http://thezaleinvail.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-liebster.html

  7. This is amazing!! I absolutely can not wait to try!! Um Also, I nominated you the Liebster award! Check out my post about it here: http://thezaleinvail.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-liebster.html

  8. This is GORGEOUS! And as for the other, I am 100% with you! I get stuck in a rut so often on my blog and forget why I started it. I started it for MY OWN enjoyment. Literally. Almost like a journal. And if other people wanted to read it, that was cool by me :) I think that it is impossible to not do the comparison game when you visit other blogs that you feel are "better than you", but I am trying desperately to not hold on to that, especially when it comes to what I blog about. I want to blog about me, what I like, regardless of the trend or standard set by others. It's a fun, but competitive world of blogging :(


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