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In Colorado, I've made a home in a cute condo that is still in need of some personal touches. So I've been admiring a few fireplace set ups lately for inspiration. One of my personal favorite looks is the earthy, neutral set up with planters, feathers, and often some antlers or skulls. I decided to make my own piece that was a little bit more girly and a little less dead-animaly :] 

I found a sweet stick on a hike one day, and knew exactly what I was going to make!

I started off with a few supplies from the outdoors, 
a few from the craft store, 
broke out the quartz and lace from my own little collection. 
& made something lovely!

Dream Mobile!! I knew I must have learned something after all those elementary school projects :]
I'm loving how this turned out and it's already made the living space a bit homier. 

Made anything out of stuff from the outdoors lately?
I'd love to check it out!

xo ronnie

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  1. this is really gorgeous. growing up, i had a dream catcher from some caves we visited as a family. i'd tuck all kinds of things into the dream catcher like these stones and flowers, plus some jewelry and other mementos. it was a beautiful little window ornament and i wish i still had it.


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