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the activities of the Israelite tribes during the period 
between their departure from Egypt under Moses 
and the time when they were encamped by the Jordan River. 
Essentially homeless, yet provided for and protected by God. 

Wanderings will be my new segment featuring the adventures of my currently uprooted life.
I hope this will be an opportunity for me to look past the hardships of living in unfamiliar places, focus on the beauty that is held within the unknown, and inspire you to do so within your own life as well.

Colorado seriously has so many places to explore. It is obviously known for it's stunning rocky mountains but who would have known that just a few miles out into the plains, 55 million year old rocks are exposed in stunning formations that appear to be painted with earthy tones from the various rock layers spanning years we cannot begin to fathom. Maybe I'm being way too Bill Nye right now, but I don't really care. It was SO. COOL. Jake and I spent our afternoon hiking on the paths and exploring the little caves. Throughout all of it, I was obnoxiously hunting for fossils (weird... I know...) and searching for mountain lion prints in the snow (paranoid... I know...). Overall, it was pretty sweet. & if you're ever in Colorado Springs, shoot me an email, I'll take you there, and you can fossil hunt with me like I know you really want to. ;]

xo ronnie


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