rocky mountain dwelling


Colorado Springs, Colorado. The snow has begun to fall on the mountains. Every morning I wake up and stare. I allow the serenity and the humility that the strong and constant Rockies give envelop me, often to a point that makes everything seem surreal. I have to remind myself, I am here. I live here. I have a place here. I can make a difference here.

I took a leave of absence from my blogging world. On my journeys I have had time to get my life together, organize my thoughts, and search my heart. It wasn’t until my arrival in Colorado that I realized that blogging is the Rocky Mountains to me - intimidating, overwhelming, and a reminder of how small I am in such a big, big world. Then I put things into perspective and thought of how our government shut down and how there are millions of girls across the world being sold for sex and how there are so many lost and broken people in every town I’ve ever driven past and how so many people die of starvation every day and I almost can’t breathe. We live in a world full of huge, damn Rockies.

But then I recognized that the very same vastness of the mountains that makes them terrifying is the same vastness that gives them unspeakable beauty.

Though we live in a frightening world with many people who are more powerful, more visible than us, and though every morning we wake up and may feel so small that we are practically invisible, wouldn’t you agree that the gentle voice of one is often more moving than the overbearing shouts of many? Just because you can’t change everything, doesn’t mean you can’t change something. Sometimes you just have to step back, take it all in, and remind yourself, I am here. I have a place here. I can make a difference here.

glad to be back.


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