a real spring clean



Yes, closets need it. Cars are begging for it. Donation centers beckon over-worn clothes . Whatever you left under your bed is waiting to be re-discovered. Yes, spring cleaning is necessary. But I'm here to say... procrastinate. Just a little bit. No need to be ahead of yourself or everyone else all the time. 

Spring cleaning is needed elsewhere.

In the winter I'm like a squirrel. I hoard things, collect emotions, hide it under a cozy sweater and too many marshmallows. But then Spring comes, and it speaks to me as brittle old branches show signs of new life. Out with the old, in with the new. 

I think it's about time for fresh air to flood into your lungs and for the dark corners of your heart to be cleaned out and filled with new light. 

As the warmer days call you to step outdoors, shake the dust off of your arms, and reach for new life. Seek healing, growth, and wisdom. Pursue new dreams. Figure out what you need to let go of. 

Getting rid of the old and breathing in the new feels. so. good.

I assure you, your soul is more important than your overcrowded closet. 

Need a kick-start? Justin Vernon is magic. Push play. Listen. Breathe.


I'd love to hear from you :] Questions, thoughts, rants... I love it all.

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